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U2 – Pop – Review


Skippy Rainey Reviews Bands with Letters and Numbers for Names
by Skippy Rainey

Okay, my older brother called me the other day and gave me some good advice: “You have to know something about a band before you review it.” I guess you do learn something new every day. Actually, I also learned today that fiberglass isn’t a good chew toy, so I guess I’m off the hook for tomorrow. So my brother came by today with two new CDs and a piece of paper with each called a “bio.” I was kinda worried ’cause I’ve never been good at science, but my brother said you only have to dissect small animals when you’re reviewing metal. My brother says not to tell anybody, but all the critics use them so they don’t have to come up with anything original to say. I figured now I’d be able to write music reviews as good as that Chester Banks guy, before he got all dead and stuff. I was so excited I knocked a glass of Sunny D. on them, and when I tried to dry them on the stove, I kinda burned a hole in them. I think I got all the information I need.

U2 Pop (Island) – U2 is one of the greatest bands ever to come out of Iceland. They have it all – passion, drama, and something else. From early albumens like Boil and Wart to their more recent corroborations with mental producer Bryant Emo like Joshua the Tree and Ahchoo, Baby, they’ve managed to stay reverends. Their singer, Bobo, used to be married to that Share woman who’s been dating some of the kids in my middle school. The most excreting aspic of U2 is the atlaspheric guitar work of their guitarist, the Hedge. They also played at Lime Aid (which sent fruit to starving kids in Antafrica), and are trying to get TVs into zoos, which I think is a good thing ’cause all those animals can be real boring to look at. Their new album borrows from the textiles of electroharmonica while refraining their mistakable signature sound, re-extableting U2 as one of the best four-man quartets in the world.