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Funker Vogt – Execution Tracks – Review

Funker Vogt

Execution Tracks (Metropolis)
by Chris Best

I’ve always liked Funker Vogt, but I’ve never taken them too seriously. Like a couple of angry Germans who somehow confused their Eurohouse with their industrial and ended up sounding like angry Leathermen. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re good, but I never thought of them as contenders. This new album changes all that. Sure, they still sound a little like Eurotrash, but the music is much more harsh, seriously harsh. And unlike other industrial bands that might compromise their sound by trying to imitate someone else, Funker Vogt have done the next best thing – improved the sound they already had. The beats stay simple, medium-paced and blunt, and the synths are able to keep their industrial ferocity while maintaining their house cheesiness. Listeners might be reminded of a poppier Wumpscut, or the sound of going on a killing spree while listening to “Barbie Girl” on auto-repeat.