The Casualties – Written In Blood – Music Stream

The Casualties

Written In Blood
(Cleopatra Records)
Release Date: 10/28/18
by Scott Hefflon

Released a year ago, Written In Blood marks the end of the Jorge Herrera era and introduces David Rodriguez as the new singer. Less raspy and cleaner-sounding, there was bound to be a backlash (“Without Jorge, it’s not The Casualties”), but the revised sound could definitely make them more appealing to young ears.

“Fucking Hate You” shows the chaos of the band’s live shows, but the cohesion of a band – new singer notwithstanding – who’ve played for 20+ years together.

“I did not write this song about mindless violence,” explains bassist Rick Lopez. “It’s a song about frustration. An emotional explosion caused by constantly being misunderstood. I hate being judged for being different”

The Casualties