Ajax – Aphrodite – Review

February 1, 1996

After hearing multiple versions of “Ex-Junkie,” my favorite being the stripped-down voice and drum only remix, I was let down by the rest of the five-song EP.

Christian Death – Amen – Review

December 1, 1995

Christian Death just isn’t the same without Rozz Williams or Gitane Demone. But Amen isn’t all bad. A double live CD with extremely good recording quality.

Noise Box – Nuffnutz – Review

December 1, 1995

They call this terror tech, and it blends shock culture samples from Ice T, every Tarantino quote ever, and anything else with the word “motherfucker” in it.

Download – Furnace – Review

December 1, 1995

Furnace is sinister, menacing, and not afraid to grab your neck and hurl you through a window of perception in hopes that you’ll cut your line of sight.

Battery – nV – Review

November 1, 1995

Memories of a more Gothic Black Sabbath, with statuesque, not comic book, morbidity. Battery have heart, but the album lacks the twists to keep it interesting.

Terminal Sect – Gun Worship – Review

November 1, 1995

An industrial band straight out of the late ’80s, a deviant of the Front 24/Skinny Puppy era before Wax Trax! bands learned to shut up and play their guitars.

Psykosonik – Unlearn – Review

November 1, 1995

Subdued Goth techno. Tries to be new-agey like Enigma, but comes off sounding unconvincing. It gets your toe tapping at times, but it’s forgettable.

Nature – Review

October 1, 1995

Electro-industrial concerning James Bond, Justine Bateman, the Marquis de Sade, Russ Meyer films, and serial murders. The singer sounds too much like Axl Rose.

Sun God – EFA – Review

October 1, 1995

The album EFA takes you right to the active volcano’s orifice, smears ritual body paint all over you, and prepares you to make a human offering to the Sun God.

Ipecac Loop – Ex – Review

October 1, 1995

Almost entirely instrumental, using synths and sampling to create an evil, eerie, Middle Eastern-type motif. Capable of inspiring more maleficence than Slayer.

Club 69 – Adults Only – Review

October 1, 1995

I was surprised to find the album chock full of innuendo and double entendre, leaving the crudeness for those who can’t express themselves in any other way.

Birmingham 6 – Policestate – Review

October 1, 1995

4 remixes of “Policestate,” 2 covers of KMFDM’s “Godlike,” and a marching anthem “Birmingham 6.” The remixes vary from electro/industrial to frantic techno.

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