Pillar Point – Diamond Mine – Music Stream

September 5, 2013

The music of Pillar Point most immediately recalls the happy electronic sounds of Passion Pit, who, of course, aren’t necessarily happy from a lyrical perspective, but it’s tough to describe the smiling sounds of tracks like “The Reeling” and “Sleepyhead” as anything but celebratory.

SMP – Death of the Format – Music Stream

August 22, 2013

SMP (Sounds of Mass Production) delivers on the promise of “Metal Madness” with these five minutes of hard driving beats that layer metal aggression (and a delightfully wanky guitar solo) over a dance/industrial skeleton, along the lines of Pain or Rammstein.

Essence of Mind – Indifference – Music Stream

August 21, 2013

Looks to be 11 new tracks and 11 remixes here on Essence of Mind’s third full-length. Norway’s answer to anthemic synth pop, while there’s nothing here to topple Apotygma Berzerk or Zeromancer, there are many potential single here, faves to play on dark, late night drives, or singing along cleaning your apartment.

Siva Six – Superstition – Music Stream

August 19, 2013

A 15-song EP to tide fans over until the next full-length, which’ll probably have 35,000 songs on it with all the remixes this genre loves so much. The Greek Gothers nailed it with 2011’s The Twin Moons, and this Superstition EP continues the distorted whispers, frantic beats, and industrial chaos.

Helalyn Flowers – White Me In / Black Me Out – Music Stream

August 15, 2013

It’s easy to be a genre-filler band, but when talent and personality sparkle through like on these 11 songs, and all the details are addressed, a band can really shine. The metal takes a backseat to the electro throb, and for once, I’m glad. No male growling or rapping ruining the tenderness, and Nøemi Aurøra’s vocals have matured from ghostly beauty to powerhouse frontwoman.

Implant – The Productive Citizen – Music Stream

August 12, 2013

The Belgian duo Implant have been around since the late ’90s, and it shows. The 12 songs streamed raise the pulse like the cold, classic, harsh EBM of old, complete with distorted vocals, news samples, plenty of trance-inducing repetition, and harsh keyboards replacing the crunch of “metal guitars.”

Deviant UK – Very Bad Things – Music Stream

August 7, 2013

13 tracks and 3 remixes exclusive to this WWII release, and the download includes eight additional remixes not even listed. Whew! “Wreckhead” is essentially a party track, filled with “this is how we live, fuck you” statements and pounding beats.

Aesthetische – Nachtbrenner – Music Stream

July 31, 2013

Aghast View and Biopsy side project returns with a 15 track release, few new songs, bunch of reworks. EBM, pure and simple. Hard industrial dance, steering more toward melodic synths than distorted snarl, and all the better for it.

Kant Kino – Father Worked In Industry – Music Stream

July 29, 2013

Second full-length, lots of singles collections, Father Worked In Industry’s 14 offerings combine the cold distortion of ’90s-style dark industrial with the anthemic synthpop of 2000’s faves like Apoptygma Berzerk, including chillingly beautiful female vocals.

Marilyn Manson – Born Villain – Music Stream

August 13, 2012

Even a decent Manson track is a fist-pumping-your-girlfiend’s-mom experience. Nasty guitars, smart lyrics to whisper while fucking all your little sister’s friends, and snarl that’d make a lion tuck tail.

Suicide Inside – Homicide – Music Stream

July 1, 2012

“Suicide Inside stands for an eclectic blend of aggressive electronic music and furious industrial rock, with heavy breakbeats, rhythmic noise, and Natasha’s razor-sharp provocative female vocals. An exploding cocktail of acid-house styled synths, distorted bass-lines, dramatic sound fx, and loud, powerful vox.”

Stray – Letting Go – Music Stream

July 1, 2012

Second release by Erica Dunham of Unter Null’s side project. One can perceive hope and light at the end of this trancey tunnel of melancholy melodies carrying clear sequences, bittersweet words, and mesmerising atmospheres.

Skinny Puppy – HanDover – Music Stream

July 1, 2012

Industrial stalwarts Skinny Puppy are as wild and weird as ever on their 14th album, HanDover. The big beats of “Village” stand well on their own, but, as always, they’re just one of many puzzle pieces that make up another eclectic effort.

Freakangel – Let It All End – Music Stream

July 1, 2012

Freakangel is a mixture of aggrotech, industrial, and dark electro. “It’s an album about all of us… how brain-dead we act in this dying world of ours, how we have lost faith in ourselves and how we prefer to believe in television nonsense and pseudo-Gods.”

Stromkern – Dead Letters – Music Stream

April 15, 2012

Wisconsin’s Stromkern mixes minimalist beats with hip-hop, filling the empty spaces of their Kraftwerk-style framework with fast, catchy wordplay. “Intuit” is from their new five-track Dead Letters release, their first in seven years.

Stiff Valentine – America Inbreeding – Music Stream

April 15, 2012

Stiff Valentine brings a lighthearted vibe to their raucous electronic attack, and “Somebody to Hate” is a thrashing rallying call to the likeminded. This track is off the remix companion to their album America Bleeding.

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