Chainsuck – Review


by Carolyn Gaines

What should one expect from a band calling themselves Chainsuck? To me it conjures images of loud, fast music in a sleazy, smokey bar. You know, people in cages, etc… This is what I was expecting when I plugged Chainsuck’s three-song demo into my Walkman. Well, you know when Mom used to say “Never judge a book by its cover”? Exactly. Imagine Kate Bush fronting a band like Renegade Soundwave or Gene Loves Jezebel. That’s what Chainsuck sounds like.

Mary Dee Reynolds’ lovely, calming voice easily soars over all of the infused techno pop that the band supplies. Ruben Layman on bass, George Bolton on keyboards (he also samples), and drummer Michael Smith (of Figures on a Beach fame) make up the rest of the band.

Mary Dee sings with what seems to be an unbridled, emotional passion. When listening to her, you’ll feel as though she means what she is saying. In fact, both “Emily Says” and “Prozac” were inspired by real-life experiences of friends.

Produced by Lamar Lowder and sounding a step above some other local bands, Chainsuck is definitely worth a go-see.

Oh, FYI: “Chainsuck” is a technical term for what happens when the chain on a mountain bike slips out of gear.