Pain – Coming Home – Review

November 11, 2016

From industrial to country to metal to classic rock, Tägtgren is just endearingly weird – in the Les Claypool or Devin Townsend mold- when he’s in Pain mode.

Killing Joke – Pylon – Review

December 18, 2015

A superlative work of industrial music from start to finish – 10 impeccably crafted songs that drag you slack-jawed through the gamut of human experience.

SMP – Death of the Format – Review

August 22, 2013

SMP delivers “Metal Madness” with metal aggression (and a delightfully wanky guitar solo) over a dance/industrial skeleton, along the lines of Rammstein.

Siva Six – Superstition – Review

August 19, 2013

The Greek Gothers nailed it with 2011’s The Twin Moons, and this 15-track Superstition EP continues the distorted whispers, frantic beats, and industrial chaos.

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