Squarecrow – Rammi Jamms – Review

Squarecrow sounds focused and energized throughout Rammi Jamms, and they even throw in a snarled, skank-worthy take on The Smiths’ immortal “Bigmouth Strikes Again.”

Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry – Review

Like a magic bullet blasting you right back to the heyday of D.R.I. and Sui-cyco-style crossover metal, the aptly titled Crossover Ministry from Iron Reagan has all you want from the forgotten genre.

Pain – Coming Home – Review

Combining everything from industrial to country to metal to classic rock, Tägtgren is just endearingly weird — in the Les Claypool or Devin Townsend mold — when he’s in Pain mode.

Metal Massacre 14 – Review

Since its original 1982 cassette version has the distinction of being the jump-off point for Metallica’s worldwide fame. Now 34 years and 13 volumes later, Metal Massacre 14 compiles a new wave of artists all sharing a true metal mindset. There’s no post-metal, deathcore or any of the myriad metal subgenres represented here – it’s strictly old-school denim and leather stuff, which gives it a nice cohesion (and is probably a clue to the preferences of Primordial’s Alan Averill, who compiled this volume).

Culture Shock – Column

It’s easy to slip into arrogant mockery when surrounded by the unfamiliar, particularly when the unfamiliarity in question is one that is as wide-eyed and bushy-tailed as Japanese Culture. The willy-nilly embracing of English, regardless of actual comprehension, is bound to lead to the inevitable silliness, but who the hell am I to laugh? Seriously.

Metalsucks – Review

Your metal IQ will probably even go up after a few weeks of regular usage, because for every post about System of a Down’s reunion tour plans, there will inevitably be 10 other posts about bands you’ve never heard of in your life.

Nex Machina – Review

Nex Machina infuses the classic Robotron twin stick formula with breakneck speed, adds in the wild voxel-based visual style of Resogun and sharpens it to a razor edge.

Capcom- 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia – Review

The video game world has no shortage of iconic characters: Mario, Link, Lara Croft, Kratos, Master Chief, Solid Snake, Ryu Hayabusa. But rarely do many of those familiar faces originate from the same company, except when it comes to Capcom.

Punk Rock Throbbleheads – Review

Aggronautix has all your faves like G.G. Allen, The Meatmen’s Tesco Vee, Descendents’ Milo, Andrew W. K., and Circle Jerks’ Keith Morris. All Throbbleheads are a customized likeness of your favorite legend. The Plasmatics’ Wendy O’ Williams Throbblehead isn’t Tesco Vee in drag. They all closely resemble the actual performer they depict.

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