Komrads – Resistor – Review


Resistor (Self-released)
By Mike Delano

“This is the Resistor, we are the Resistor!” roars the opening of Komrads’ debut album Resistor. The title track’s mechanical menace and rising tension recalls Combichrist or Burn-era NIN, so you might think you have a good idea of what to expect of the album’s eight tracks. But the resistance turns out to be much weirder than initially foreshadowed. The energy from the opening immediately dissipates into “Midnight Sun,” a subdued, almost trip-hop drone that sounds pretty cool, but it also sounds like the resistance decided to take a nap just as it was waking up. From that point on, nothing is guaranteed. Lead single “Control” and especially the robo dancefloor wreckage of “Sick Boy” give a heavy dose of The Faint, while the Joy Division undercurrent in many of the songs eventually takes center stage in the herky-jerky “Pocket Full of Knife.” Resistor is all over the place, but somehow it all works. A fascinating debut.