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contactscottScott Hefflon
If you’re a writer or advertiser or model or photographer, I can either help you or redirect you. (Ahem, “GO AWAY” often qualifies as a redirect. This is a rock mag, not a support group, and unless you’re buying something, I don’t owe you shit.)


contactmikeMike Delano
(Reviews Editor)
Want your band, book, game, DVD, or cool product featured amongst the seedy source code of While the Editor has the last 200 words (most of them fuck), I will gladly hear your request when not suffering from Björk & Ninja Gaiden-induced synesthesia. Or staring off to the left at some really interesting stuff that got cropped out of the picture.


Lisa Schuchmann
(Photo Editor & Web Designer)

Who doesn’t want to go to live shows for free and photograph them? When I’m not taking obvious selfies with my iDerp, I’m bringing this website up to 21st century standards. What started as a way to kill time and laugh at the exorbitant amount of Scandinavian metal band CDs that poured in our mailbox has now mutated into a perpetual side project. 


Dave Dawson
(Designer, Layout, Artist Director, Photographer, Friend)
Dave Dawson passed away 6/21/19. He was there for the first issue in 1993.  He was there for the last issue in 2007. He took breaks here and there because I, the not-so-humble Editor, tend to push people to their breaking point. He designed our logo, all of our merch, our pages for probably 8-10 years of our 14 year run, and our original website from start to finish. We miss you, Dave.


See the Staff List from every print issue, plus the post-print staff list.


If you want to send something for review, email a link to and, or add us to your Haulix or iPool account. That’s the easiest these days.

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Here are a few “Sweet! It’s our *whatever* Anniversary!” overviews and essays:
3 Years and We Still Suck :: Doin’ 3-5 Hard Time :: 10 Year Rant :: 10 Year Press Kit (PDF)

Check out the swipe the Boston Phoenix took here. You won’t learn shit about the magazine, but the word hack, er, writer describes what clothes I was wearing and how much I swore, and how everyone thinks I’m a dick and I don’t care. Probing journalism, kids! And check out the more subdued Hartford Courant article here.

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Models courtesy of Suicide Girls
There used to be some “click here to download high res images,” but seriously, this was over a decade ago. Let it go.




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