Five Year Anniversary

Five Year Anniversary Excerpts

Our Favorite Quotes from Years Four and Five

Issue 27:
Tailgating Destiny

Issue 28:
To Eschew Is A Virtue

Issue 29:
A Sucker Is Born Every Minute

Issue 30:
With A Rhythmic Motion And A Little Hand Lotion, I’d Rather Do It All Myself 

Issue 31:
Gagging On The Dust In The Wind
Issue 32:
Consider The Plight Of Those Less Fortunate Than You. Done? Okay, Let’s Get Some Burritos
Issue 33:
Good Things Come To Those Who Mate
Issue 34:
If Glass House-Dwellers Fear Thrown Stones, What Are Those In The House Of Rock Afraid Of?
Issue 35:
Joyriding In Noah’s Ark
Issue 36:
Rockin’ The Cash Bar
Issue 37:
Socrates Is Coming, And You’re Out Of Swiss
Issue 38:
In A Gouda Fajita, Baby
Issue 39:
I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing So Listening To All These CDs Wouldn’t Suck So Much
Issue 40:
Bungee-Jumping From The Ivory Tower
Issue 41:
That’s Our Story And We’re Sticking To It Like Dumb Cousin Tommy’s Tongue Did To The Monkeybars
Issue 42:
The Song Remains The Same, It’s Simply Remixed
Issue 43:
So Long And Thanks For All The Jewel Cases