Brendan James – Hold Me Back Down – Music Stream

Brendan James

“Hold Me Back Down”
release date: 2/2/24
by Scott Deckman

Instagram is the new radio. At least it is for me and the Lollipop Streams listener. Brendan James’ “Hold Me Back Down” mixes slightly pretentious Britishy vocals (he’s from Arizona) with jazzy guitar. There is a Radiohead vibe here, full of melodrama, but the sounds: synths, guitar, cymbals, and simulated horns are strangely soothing, but also evocative… of what, I haven’t figured out yet. Well, it reminds one a bit of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ “Dead to the World.” I guess you could throw in the Strokes at their most twee, Julian trying to get through to you, or the girl in the front row. Not a bad trio to be compared to. Indie-rockish singer-songwriter fare.