Torche – Admission – Review


Admission (Relapse)
By Mike Delano

Torche always sounds BIG. Not just loud, because any music can be loud with the turn of a dial, but big. “When the Levee Breaks” big. “Bury Me In Smoke” big. It’s a magic that really good bands can conjure up with just the right mix of sounds and empty spaces. Torche has always had that touch and Admission, their fifth album, is no different. The fuzzy guitars and booming bass notes give the album a consistent feel, but it‚Äôs impressive how much variety is packed into these efficient 37 minutes. They can pummel you with aggressive songs like “What Was” and “Extremes of Consciousness” one minute, while the next they’re setting you adrift in the drony waves of “Submission” or “Times Missing.” Then there are the wild cards: The constantly shifting structure of “Slide” keeps you on your toes and engaged, while the old-school stoner stomp of “Infierno” sounds like the soundtrack to something rising out of the primordial ooze. All roads lead to the title track, the heart of the album (placed smack in the middle) and among the best songs the band has ever recorded. It pushes the shoegaze influence to the forefront and adheres to a more classic song structure, all the while maintaining the signature Torche sound. The subject of the song may be going through hell, but for four perfect minutes, it sounds rather heavenly.