Gillyis Thunderhead – Review

Gillyis Thunderhead

by Rich Romane

The band whose name everyone misspells. Borrowed from a video game character, the band projects a larger than life image. With one of the better produced demos I’ve heard in a while, Gillyis Thunderhead pounds out heavy, action-packed tunes filled with shadows, corpses, human flesh, worms, and greed. If you can overlook the Shout-at-the-Devil-esque lyrics that we all wrote back in High School thinking we were bad ass (God, don’t you cringe when you dredge up one of those notebooks?) they’re a solid, musically well-rounded band. The drummer fluctuates between Neil Peart and Sepultura stylings and the guitars just keep pouring it on. They chug through song after song of guitar-strong pit provocative heavies laced with Jeremy Truscott’s throaty roar. They’ve accumulated quite a following in Lowell and have been popping up in Worcester and Boston in the last few months. As soon as they get more contemporary lyrics, they’ll definitely be a band to keep an eye on. Musically, they’ve got a solid base to blast off of.