Kahimi Karie – K.K.K.K.K. – Review

Kahimi Karie

K.K.K.K.K. (Le Grand Magistery)
by Michael McCarthy

Last year, Minty Fresh was kind enough to release a self-titled disc by Kahimi Karie compiling the best of her Japanese release singles from previous years, introducing us to this famous Asian gal who sings in French and English, yet sells out stadiums in Japan. In short, the disc was damn catchy electronic pop as brilliantly produced as anything Björk has ever done and even more seductive. If one holds K.K.K.K.K., her first genuine album released in the States, to the same standards as the self-titled best-of compilation, well, one will be a bit disappointed. Things start off marvelously with the fast and spirited “One Thousand 20th Century Chairs,” but the other songs don’t always make good on that promise. The kinky, trippy ditty that is “What Are You Wearing,” holds interest, as does “Qu’est-ce que tu veux?,” but “Harmony Korine” (yes, after the odd-ball filmmaker) and “The Symphonies of Beethoven” hardly demand repeated listening. Fortunately, the disc ends with four remixes and they’re all wonderfully enhanced versions of the originals. Where producer Momus left many of the original versions sounding too much like lullabies, the remixes make sure you listen up, and damn carefully, rather than encouraging you to drift off to sleep as Kahimi whispers along as only she can. If you already have Kahimi’s self-titled release and adore it, the first three tracks and remixes offered here are sure to please. If you haven’t picked up said disc yet, start with that.
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