Sister “Spit On Me” live video now online! – News

Sister “Spit On Me” live video now online!

Sister has released a live video for “Spit On Me” from their debut album, HATED. The video was recorded during the course of the “HATED Over Europe Tour 2011”. Sister’s touring schedule in 2011 saw them hit the road with metal legends UDO, as well play direct support for Chris Jericho’s metal band, Fozzy.

Sister comments on the video: “This video is dedicated to our European fans, cheers to all of ya! Big thanks to main man Jimmy Johansson for making this video and not to forget our two tour crew members Johan “Prästen” Heijdenberg and Jonas “Gryning” Berndt. We also wanna send out a big thanks to all the bands we’ve been touring with! See ya on the road bastards!”

The video for Spit On Me can be seen now HERE.

“The group’s stateside debut, Hated (Metal Blade), is a genre-beinding amalgam of street punk attitude and glam-inspired melodies.” –Revolver Magazine

“the bastard sons of Ratt and Bang Tango with a little bit of punk thrown in for good measure” –Examiner

“Not like anything you’ve heard before. This album is a combination of all kind of inspirations from glam/punk rock to classic rock n roll, death metal and beyond.” –