F.Y.P. – Come Home Smelly – Review

April 1, 2001

An EP, part Blag-produced with Josh Freese on drums, part Darian Rundall-produced with Sean Cole on drums. Part crisp’n’chirpy, part foul-smelling.

F.Y.P. – Toys that Kill – Review

September 1, 2000

After ten years of fuckin’ up the place, F.Y.P. call it quits. Toys that Kill, is the next band’s name. 17 songs in under 30 minutes. Produced by Blag.

Take Action – Review

September 1, 1999

Joining Hopeless’ stable of punk bands are a few emo-esque bands and some guest punk bands. While I support the idea, this is not an award-winning comp.