Monster Magnet – Mindfucker – Review

March 31, 2018

They’ve gone from tripped-out, psychedelic fare like Spine of God and Dopes to Infinity to a more straightforward rock ‘n’ roll sound on Mindfucker, their 11th album.

Monster Magnet – Last Patrol – Review

September 18, 2013

Even if their new stuff isn’t as world-beatingly awesome as that of their glory days, it’s guaranteed to be way more badass than most new rock ‘n’ roll.

Monster Magnet – 25 Tab – Review

November 10, 2006

25 Tab is the second Monster Magnet album, easily the band’s most ambitious work, and a successful attempt to make the most psychedelic album of all time.

WWF Forceable Entry – Review

August 2, 2002

Boring. Maybe this is for trudging through the mall, looking cool and checking your cap, the paces slow enough so your pants won’t fall down around your ankles.

Heavy Metal FAKK2 – Review

April 1, 2000

74 minute slab of either industrial, nü metal, rapcore, electrometal, or some variation therein. A few pleasant surprises, a lot of barrel-scrapers.

The Atomic Bitchwax – Review

January 1, 2000

The Atomic Bitchwax had my immediate attention: They have the best band name; the guitarist is from Monster Magnet; there’s a naked chick on the cover.

Bride of Chucky – Review

April 1, 1999

Fourteen tracks of heavy horror music. Ever wonder what Lemmy would sound like covering an AC/DC song? Me neither, but “Love for Sale” is yer answer.

ECW Extreme Music – Review

April 1, 1999

A few new metal faves and some veterans of the crunch. Predominantly covers of well-known songs, yet versions you’ve probably never heard before.