Dog Fashion Disco – Adultery – Review

September 22, 2006

DFD dances naked in the back of your mind while jackhammering your defenses with coy melodies, Mike Patton theatrics, jazz sax, and death metal fist-fucking.

Vampire Mooose – Review

November 12, 2003

Men. We love to make things, break things, manly things, and make noise while doing it. Then we quickly move on and the cycle continues, hopefully with beer.

Damaged – Purified in Pain – Review

June 1, 2001

When Australia’s Damaged scored ex-Brutal Truth throat Kevin Sharp, they scored big. Sharp is one of the most diverse and aggressive singers in extreme music.

Agents of Oblivion – Review

June 1, 2000

While many fans of Acid Bath may arch an eyebrow at Agents of Oblivion’s sauntering dirge rock, anyone drawn like moths to a flame to “Dead Girl” will get it.