Standing on Earth – at Hard Rock Cafe – Review

Standing on Earth

at Hard Rock Cafe
by Joey Ammo

Here at the ranch, we get a lot of homemade 8-track demos, but few come across as convincingly as Standing on Earth‘s “Lure.” The impressive six song cassette debut not only sounds great, the color J-card and packaging look great, too. I was glad the lyrics were printed on it because these songs have a genuine depth and feeling. The powerful rock/funk rhythm section and heavily chorused, chiming guitars are the perfect balance for the heartfelt vocals of singer/songwriter Don DiLego. Sounding somewhat similar to Cliffs of Dooneen, SOE separate their identity through a passionate, personal style of delivery. Interviewing Don was a pleasure, and it was obvious that this was a sincere musician trying to express himself through his songs. SOE shined at a recent unplugged performance at the Hard Rock Cafe, and a new 7″ single will be on the street shortly. Keep an eye peeled.