Dillion Fence – with The Gravel Pit at Mama Kin – Review

Dillion Fence

with The Gravel Pit at Mama Kin
by Jen Beatty

They’re so blended that their sound congeals in my ears like old wax. They’ve received a lot of buzz around town, especially from other rising bands. Unfortunately, from this writer’s standpoint, they’ll only get a good flushing. Dillion Fence may be the next big thing, but their performance at Mama Kin was not much.

In light of that night, opening act The Gravel Pit stole the show. If you still haven’t seen them, Gravel Pit are a soul-stirring quartet hailing from the bleak, coastal town of New Haven, CT. Whimsical vocal sound, and (of all rare things) ability to integrate the Farfisa organ into ’90s pop rock.

The set was filled with familiar Pit fan favorites such as “This Old Clock Doesn’t Make Any Sense.” The band, who are still fairly new to the Boston scene, were daring enough to try out new tunes on the crowd. Before the show’s end, the singer urged the audience to buy a CD. Upon discovering that the band was fresh out of CDs, he quickly amended, “Buy a beer.” Listen to the good advice given here. Buy a beer and a copy of Crash Land. You won’t be disappointed.