Prelude to a Lick – Column

Prelude to a Lick

by Scott Hefflon
illustration by Brian Sullivan

Why is it that, as an Editor, I have this huge space to speak what’s left of my mind after 2-3 days with no sleep, and yet I wait until 11 AM on the last day? I was supposed to go to press at 8 AM. Oh well, let’s chat a little, shall we? Quickly…

A little internal info here: We ate a lot of birthday cake around here this month. Besides the fact that I never have any food in the house and people feel bad for me and bring me their own birthday cakes, I had one of those birthday things, too. It’s been a decade of decadence since the sweet sixteen… Shaddup, so I’m old. Leave me alone.

A few other quick items: We’re setting up an interactive phone line this month. (I know, it was supposed to be up and running already. These things are more complex than a writer-turned-publisher sometimes realizes.) The general gist is that you can call one local (617) phone number and listen to many of the hip bands that are coming around in the next few weeks. There’ll also be new releases to check out, and any other uselessly fun information we feel like dumping on there. One phone call. All courtesy of your pals here at the Pop.

The final topic is an open invitation… Thanks to the fine folks who read Lollipop, this magazine is expanding. I’m trying desperately not to say, “We have entry level positions available in the exciting world of desktop publishing.” This may only be black ink on white paper, but I think you’d catch the stench anyway. If you have some special skill (that’s different than “special needs,” but not by much) drop us something that mildly resembles a resume. We’d love to have you on the lick crew.

So anyway, enjoy the magazine and I apologize for not having anything to say and yet saying it anyway.

Lick me.