Blanks 77 – Tanked and Pogoed – Review

Blanks 77

Tanked and Pogoed (Radical)
by Austin Nash

I’m laughing, leaning way back in a chair chuckling like I’ve just watched somebody do something impossibly gross. Sitting beside me is my own personal dumpster, full of sandwich crusts, lousy CDs, and Miller High Life cans, my new review beer of choice. The bland, watery metallic non-effervescence serves to wash down the acid of bands like Blanks 77 as I sit here wanting to say something exceptionally crass to the world like, “Why don’t you and your friends suck my Swiss army dick,” or “If your kids tell you they’re bored this summer, fuck ’em.” The punk rock is fairly typical. Most songs go unka unka unka unka unka or umPAumPAumPAumPAumPA with the bass keeping a steady eighth note rhythm while this guy sneers the most hilarious snotty traditional Brit-punk act I’ve ever heard. This must be a joke. They should have just put a picture of his uvula on the cover and called it My Name’s Eddie.
(77 Bleecker Street #C2-21 New York, NY 10012)