The Morning Shakes – Switchblades and Sideburns – Review

The Morning Shakes

Switchblades and Sideburns (Stiff Pole)
by Jon Sarre

Back in the day, before the “are you surf trash drag hot rod or dragtrashgarageabilly” genre questions made large chunks of retro-’60s rock music totally pointless to talk about, aggro JD garage ranters (now I’m doin’ it) like The Morning Shakes woulda been seen as simply a good fuckin’ band. That they are, y’know, with snotty/witty lyrics to boot. Couplets like “saw you in the record store/buyin’ Jon Spencer CDs/What a bore!” abound and are backed up with the Headcoatitude that usually eludes most bands. Great stuff if yer into raw, sloppy badass’n’fun rock’n’reel. If yer not, well, there’s plentya shitty records out there. Take yer pick.
(PO Box 20721 St. Petersberg, FL 33742)