Wink – Hot Singles – Review


Hot Singles (Polystar)
by Michael McCarthy

Duos are fairly popular in Japan. Heck, even the brothers Nelson (yes, that Nelson) remain huge there (then again, many ’80s/early ’90s metal gods remain big in Japan, even if they can’t get a proper record deal here). My favorite J-Pop duo is the extremely popular Wink. And, no, they have nothing to do with the techno artist called Wink who’s gaining notoriety here in the States. The J-Pop Wink, two sisters if my information is correct, were the rulers of the Japanese pop charts in the days prior to the J-Pop girl groups. Well, there always were J-Pop girl groups, C&C Girls being a great one from the era of Wink’s peak, but suffice it to say that Wink is actually one of the best-selling pop duos of all time, this without the benefit of a release in North America.