Puffball – The Super Commando – Review


The Super Commando (Gearhead)
by Jon Sarre

It is, of course, super(commando)-appropriate that Gearhead’s puttin’ out this record, cuz altho’ they call ’emselves Puffball, these guys work the greasemonkey angle, sorta like Zeke, whom these guys resemble a bit, tho’ Zeke usually plays a tad bit faster, but like Zeke, early on, anyhow, cuz I don’t bother with all them words much these days. Puffball likes cars and songs about cars and since Gearhead’s a label/mag that’s about car culture and stuff, y’know, gearheads, so they’re a great match. The other interestin’ thing about Puffball is they’re Swedish meatballs, which tells me, I guess, that Vikings like cars, too, which must mean, I dunno, souped-up Volvos, like the soccer mom from hell! Scary!
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