Minus – Halldor Laxness – Review


Halldor Laxness (Victory)
by Craig Regala

God damn it, Vern! This is the kinda hard rock that must inhabit all non-doofus collections. Breaking off a chunk of melodious/atmospheric nü rock to blow open the emotional palette and drawing textural tools from old and new psychedelic bands – Pink Floyd to Tool, Radiohead to stoner master Los Natas. These guys have fucking hit it. They use that stuff to make more powerful, high-energy music. Full-bodied, no bullshit, totally expressive hard rockin’ stuff that makes me wish I had a 17-year-old cousin to pitch this to. Not only you, the discriminating hipster, but anyone bored with over-produced “angry” Ozzfest nü metal, rent-a-riff hardcore, and gritless corporate punk oughta be able to grip the business end of this thing and get some work done movin’ the masses, one by one. Put’m on tour with Cave In and Red Giant to open some minds…
(346 North Justine St. #504 Chicago, IL 60607)