Zyklon – Aeon – Review


Aeon (Candlelight)
by Martin Popoff

Zyklon have actually improved and become more useful by being less remarkable, less distinct. Samoth and Destructhor have created a record where the songs have self-contained logic, the guitar tones are robust and bottom-heavy, and where Trym’s drum vibe is thick and warm, the man often opting for a busy but half-speed double bass blast that gives songs like the frighteningly melodic “An Electric Manner” much groove indeed. Gone is the futuristic sheen that made World Ov Worms so “competitive,” Aeon containing all manner of extreme, but surprisingly accessible, not-so-smothering songs, mostly crowding the marchingly slow, mid-paced, and Slayer-fast spectrum. Of note is new vocalist/bassist Secthdamon who fits well with the band’s no-pretense, almost American, almost commercial, death metal directive, the guy singing death, black, thrash, and even sorta hardcore at times, with ease.
(4026 School House Lane Whitemarsh Township, PA 19462)