Beautiful Agony – Review

Beautiful Agony

By Nairobi Collins

For those of us who enjoy porn but could do without the frills of made-up scenarios and plastic women sleeping with ugly over-hung men, there’s Beautiful Agony. It features footage of random strangers masturbating until they reach orgasm. It may sound kinda weak, but once you start watching, you learn more about whether or not your lover or sex fiend is faking it, just by watching how hot people can be by themselves. It also proves that we don’t have to fuck for three hours to achieve the magic orgasm women say they can’t reach and, you never know: That hot chick you saw on the corner may be there, exposing her little secret in cyberspace!

Beautiful Agony does offer money for people willing to put their finest “oh-face” on the Web. This site is, of course, not free, but it offers free samples. Really good free samples. Check out the Asian chick in the glasses on page four… way hot! As you may know, there are a lot of sites offering all kinds of sexy girls (and sometimes boys) who are beyond Playboy norm. This site is unique in that not only are the people attractive, you don’t walk away from this site feeling dirty or depraved.

Kinda like peeking into your hot neighbor’s window with really good binoculars.