The Voodoo Jets – Supersonic – Review

thevoodoojets200The Voodoo Jets

by Dan Bernal

You don’t miss the guitars a bit in this power-pop trio cruising on fuzzed-out, cranked-up keys over melodically leading bass and tastefully-orchestrated drumming, with no shortage of richly-textured vocal harmonies. At times, the keys purposely mimic guitar tones and style, right down to wah-wah-driven rock leads, only to switch gears entirely to a Ben Folds reminiscent piano ballad foundation, complete with accompanying strings. The Voodoo Jets jump out as well-schooled, well-practiced players delivering a collection of radio-bound summer songs that elicit memories of Fastball, Tonic, even Dishwalla. Big, bright, lushly-produced car songs whose mood swings will cover your roadtrip from misty sunrise, through burning mid-day, to somber dusk.