Goatwhore – A Haunting Curse – Review


A Haunting Curse (Metal Blade)
by Hansel Merchor

Goatwhore holds no barrs. They skip subtlety and metal traditional intros in favor of a head-on attack designed to weed out the weaklings. Comprised of Soilent Green vocalist Ben Falgoust, ex-Acid Bath/Crowbar guitarist Sammy Duet, bassist Nathan Bergeron, and drummer Zack Simmons, this New Orleans-based quartet play blackened death metal that focuses so much on speed, it leaves the listener grasping for some sulfuric substance. The problem with Goatwhore’s third full-length is also its main virtue: The band can write a blackened tune with the best of them, but there’s not much beyond blinding speed. No one track is cooler than the other, no standout cut, or any song good enough to merit the cool-as-hell unfoldable artwork.

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