Coliseum – Parasites – Review


Parasites EP (Temporary Residence)
By Mike Delano

I can’t remember the last time I heard a little 20-minute EP kick up this much big noise. Whether it’s the Motörhead-style battering ram approach of “One Last Night” or “The Big Baby,” the more modern fuzz-core sounds of “Waiting (Too Late)” or the excellent but way too short “The Fiery Eye,” this Louisville, KY band comes aggressive with each of these eight tracks. The songs don’t feel fully fleshed out much of the time (you’ll want to hear these ideas expanded upon), but that’s the benefit of the EP format, I guess: This could be a preview of concepts for upcoming full-lengths or a collection of interesting, discarded ideas that never made it to the studio. The official story is that it’s a companion piece to Coliseum‘s third album, House With A Curse (since it contains songs recorded during those sessions), but any good band is always looking forward rather than backward, so it will be interesting to see which of the variations on the band’s style on display here they choose to give the royal treatment on album number four.