Twilight of the Gods – Fire on the Mountain – Review

twilightofthegods200Twilight of the Gods

Fire on the Mountain (Season of Mist Records)
release date: 9/30/2013
by Scott Hefflon

Unlike the classic Helloween song from the first Keeper of the Seven Keys, this Twilight of the Gods began in 2010 to cover Bathory faves, even taking their name from the band’s sixth album. Featuring Alan Averill (vocals, Primordial), Rune Eriksen (guitars, ex-Mayhem, Ava Inferi), Peter Lindgren (guitars, ex-Opeth, Thyrfing), Frode Glesnes (bass, Einherjer), and Nick Barker (drums, ex-Cradle of Filth and lots more, Dimmu Borgir), this talented bunch quickly grew beyond the initial concept to play classic, galloping, mall-strutting ’80s metal. Closer “At Dawn We Ride” is a shining example of what you can expect here.

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