True Widow – Avvolgere – Review

True Widow

Avvolgere (Relapse)
By Mike Delano

2016, as has been pointed out many times recently, was a pretty shitty year. Everyone cool died, and the living had to contend with Zika virus and election year malaise. Post-election, things actually feel shittier than before, so many have suggested indulging in sunny, feel-good entertainment to take our collective mind off the real world. I’m going the opposite direction, though — I want some art that reminds me what a spiritual cesspool this year has been. There’s nothing shitty about Texas trio True Widow, but their fuzzy, bass-heavy drone perfectly captures of the sound of 2016 in my head, the sound of a dark crevice you want to crawl into and let the world pass you by. That beautiful feeling of despair is intrinsic to the band’s fourth album Avvolgere, which is chock full of great songs that are actually quite pretty, whether it’s the sparse, relaxed “F W T S L T M” or the male/female call and response of “The Trapper and the Trapped.” But like any good rock band, they make sure to tussle the hair and smear the makeup of these pretty songs before showing them to the world, so everything sounds covered in a thick layer of grime. That’s fine with me — whether it’s the blackened boogie of “Back Shredder” or the elegant skulk of “Entheogen,” they’re uniformly winners, and only the sturdiest of song foundations could withstand the sheer weight of the shoegaze, stoner and psychedelic noise the band piles on them. 2016 may have dropkicked all our hopes and dreams, but it also gave us this killer album, so it might be a wash.