Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry – Review

Iron Reagan

Crossover Ministry (Relapse)
By Mike Delano

Like a magic bullet blasting you right back to the heyday of D.R.I. and Sui-cyco-style crossover metal, the aptly titled Crossover Ministry from Iron Reagan has all of the thrash, hardcore and punk influences you want from the forgotten genre, and all of the humor that makes it work. The band, which features singer Tony Foresta and bassist Phil “Landphil” Hall from Municipal Waste, struck gold for their second album when Trump was elected president since the cartoonish era of modern politics he defines is the perfect lyrical punching bag. Just like the era of ol’ Ronnie back in the 80s, America 2017 has corruption (“Grim Business”), liars (“Dead With My Friends”), racism (“Condition Evolution”) and religious hucksters (“Megachurch”). The album shreds them all and still leaves room for comedy gold like “Fuck the neighbors” and plenty of straight-up, red meat crossover metal like “A Dying World” or “Twist Your Fate.” Nowhere is there a more direct statement of purpose, though, than the open-arms welcoming of the title track, describing a metal heaven where “The pits our church/ Violence our communion/ We’re baptized in dirt.”