Death by Unga Bunga Debuts “Not Like the Others” – News

Death by Unga Bunga Debuts “Not Like the Others”

Norway’s Death by Unga Bunga is back! For over a decade, Death by Unga Bunga has dealt its own blend of highly energetic, rough and rowdy rock ‘n’ roll and wavy psychedelia that has been hailed as “a pleasure-center bullseye” (Stereogum) and a time capsule to pure 1960s Britpop(NPR). Now, Death by Unga Bunga premieres a video for the new track, “Not Like the Others,” via Punk News, which calls the song,a soundtrack of ’70s hard rock and garage rock smashing into each other and creating surprisingly sunny sounding riffage.


See and hear “Not Like the Others” at this location.

Taken from “an album in the works,” “Not Like the Others” is the first in a series of new Death by Unga Bunga singles set to be released in the coming months. With more new tunes at the ready, listeners should buckle up for rock and roll that will fill your soul and music that will allow you forget about the troubles of modern life.

Since forming in 2007, Death by Unga Bunga — lead singer and guitarist Sebastian Ulstad Olsen, Preben S. Andersen (guitar/keyboards), Stian S. Gulbrandsen (guitar), Even Rolland Pettersen (bass) and Ole S. Nesset (drums) — been doing things their own way, unafraid to evolve and build on the powerhouse sound longtime fans have come to know them for. The group took its name from the title of legendary punk band The Mummies’ 2003 record, which they note as a source of creative inspiration.

Creating music is a constant for Death by Unga Bunga. In 2010, the band burst onto the rock scene with its debut LP, Juvenile Jungle. Vibrant, jangly, and filled with swagger, the album showcased the group’s boundless energy and fearlessness. After building a loyal fan base, they dropped the 2012 follow-up, The Kids Are up to No Good and 2013’s You’re an Animal to widespread acclaim. 

With the release of its 2016 breakthrough, Pineapple Pizza, Death by Unga Bunga won over listeners in America, gaining airplay from hundreds of stations while playing to packed crowds across the country. That US trek included a slot opening for punk rock legends Stiff Little Fingers on its 40th Anniversary Tour, putting DbUB in front of a whole new audience of music lovers. Along with these big accomplishments, the band spent the rest of 2016 and 2017 on the road in the UK and Germany. The band quickly followed up Pineapple Pizza with the 2016 EP Fight!, which showed off a new side of the band, adding gritty elements of 70’s psych and hard rock alongside the polish of 80’s hair metal and youthful garage rock.

In 2018, Death by Unga Bunga upped the ante by releasing its fifth full-length album, So Far So Good So Cool. The self-produced record showed the band’s increased range and confidence built on years of cultivating its own art, without apologies. With irresistible hooks, a sense of humor, and guitar licks for days, it’s no surprise that their songs have earned hundreds of thousands of streams.

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