Helalyn Flowers launches “Halos” EP – News

Helalyn Flowers launches “Halos” EP

This summer, Helalyn Flowers launched a remix contest for “Halos,” the last single taken from their Àiresis album (available as download and double CD). “Halos” is the opening track of the album and also the most (synth) poppy song of all.
On the “Halos” remix EP, you get 13 tracks with remixers reinterpreting this rather addictive song with their own soundpallet. Besides the six winners of the remix contest that are Restriction 9, Vdoc, Blue Ant, Digital Shadows, Aggrax Kouture, and Luca Truzzo, the Italian artists Noemi Aurora and Maxx Maryan also invited long-time friends and other label-mates in the likes of Aiboforcen, Elektrostaub, People Theatre, Aesthetische, Junksista, and Simon Carter to offer their remix skills.

The EP is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and all other platforms.

About Helalyn Flowers:
Helalyn Flowers are helmed by eclectic Nøemi Aurora [Vocals/Synths/Songwriting/Programmings/Design] and polyhedric studio guru MaXX [Guitars/Synths/Songwriting/Programming/Production]. Defined by the press “like an orgasm written as music,” Helalyn Flowers are one of the most revolutionary female-fronted acts in the Industrial Rock scene by performing a hugely unique combination of Goth, Metal, Punk, and Electro sonorities marked by the outstanding vocal performance of N0emi Aurora, able to cover a wide stylistic range, from Pop/ Rock, Metal to even operatic soprano and madrigal and whom voice has been often compared to great singers like Björk, Shirley Manson, Madonna, or Amy Lee.

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