The Last Kingdom release Destiny Is All following Seven Kings Must Die – News

The Last Kingdom release Destiny Is All following Seven Kings Must Die

There is a brandnew album from the world of the massively popular Netflix Viking series The Last Kingdom on the way, with a new single and video. The Last Kingdom‘s Destiny Is All will be released digitally and physically on April 22nd via A&G Songs LTD and was newly created and cocomposed by Emmywinning, classically trained Scottish composer John Lunn (Downton Abbey, The White Queen), Faroese singersongwriter and Icelandic Music Prizewinner Eivør, and composer Danny Saul (The Last Kingdom, NBC’s Law and Order: Organized Crime, Shetland, Jamestown).
The album will follow the premiere of the newly announced The Last Kingdom featurelength movie, Seven Kings Must Die, airing on Netflix on April 14th as a followup to the final season. New single, “The Last Kingdom: The Beloveds” is out now, along with the official music video.

The album features the distinct, singular voice of Eivør, acclaimed for her otherworldly throat singing which can be heard as the only vocals throughout the entirety of the score of The Last Kingdom series (which she also cocomposed in its entirety along with Lunn) and on her own nine acclaimed albums, her music featured in the God of War Ragnarök video game score and its soundtrack, and during her spellbinding live shows. Eivør and Lunn, along with Saul who began scoring the series during Season 3, evolved the musical cues in The Last Kingdom’s score from Season 4, Season 5, and the upcoming film into fullfledged, newly recorded songs rooted in the epic scenes and emotional storylines.
About The Last Kingdom:
With Eivør’s ominously chanted vocals, primal drumming, and serpentine synth lines, “The Beloveds” is a slowbuilding, moody, and gloriously frenetic track based on the opening scene of the final season (Season 5, Episode 1) which brings a highly charged moment in which a rogue female Viking named Brida (now a mother) and her daughter (the Seer Vibeke) hold a ritual sacrifice to appease The Gods and prepare for battlea scene in which Eivør and Saul made a cameo as members of Brida’s tribe, leading the chants with her famous Nordic drum.
“The three of us took the material we’d made for the show and turned those pieces into proper songs, and ended up with something that goes beyond a typical soundtrack album,” shares Lunn. “On the show, there are a lot of epic battles and other moments you’d normally associate with orchestral music, but I wanted to do something new and different and focus on electronic instruments,” says Lunn. “As I was beginning work on the series, I was looking for something to accompany that and saw a video of Eivør and her extraordinary throat singing, and she completely captured the energy that The Last Kingdom required. The Last Kingdom score IS Eivør; without Eivør there would be no unique score.”

The lyrics are inspired by Nordic mythology and chanted vocals informed by Eivør’s roots in Faroese folk music. Eivør has always been enchanted with the dramatic landscape of old Nordic sagas.
“Those chants are very much a big part of my culture; it’s something I remember hearing my grandfather doing when I was younger,” says Eivør. “Growing up in the Faroe Islands, I was always fascinated with the Vikings, so The Last Kingdom feels very close to my heart. Our initial idea was for all the actors to sing the chant along with me, which meant I had to teach everyone to sing in Faroese. That was quite a challenge, but it was so powerful to be there with everyone with warpaint on our facesit really felt like we were in ancient times.” Adds Saul, “Eivør and I met in person for the first time on The Last Kingdom set, and two days later we were teaching 100 battlebloodied Vikings a Faroese chant. Working on the show, I think we tend to inhabit that world mentally for many months on end, so finally stepping onto the actual set and being in that world with those characters was a surreal, largerthanlife experience.”