SSM – Review

October 6, 2006

Garage rock to compare to the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs herk’n’jerk, or The Epoxies zany new wave via weirdo punk. Fuzzed-out keyboard smog populates mid-tempo grooves.

Buffalo Killers – Review

September 12, 2006

Member of Thee Shams kick out soulful, laid-back and thoughtful tales. Bit of drug stagger, sorrowful pleas, slide guitar, and harmonies Neil Young’d nod to.

Howling Diablos – Car Wash – Review

November 4, 2005

A stroll through America’s roots rhythm ‘n’ blues stuff that’s fired up many a rock band, most notably another band from their town: Five Horse Johnson.

Howling Diablos – Car Wash – Review

May 26, 2005

From Detroit, on Alive Records, produced by singer Tino Gross whose done two recent RL Burnside records. Down’n’dirty blues rock’n’roll that sounds great.

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