NYHC Supergroup Bloodclot to release Souls – News

October 31, 2022

John Joseph (ex-Cro-Mags) is joined by Tom Capone (ex-Quicksand, Beyond, Bold), Craig Setari (Sick Of It All, ex-Youth Of Today, Agnostic Front), and Darren Morgenthaler (Maximum Penalty, ex-Madball).

Rag Men – Review

November 15, 2004

Members of Skarhead, Earth Crisis, Merauder, and Madball, so you pretty much get the idea: Meaty hardcore with metallic riffs and an attitude.

Madball – Hold it Down – Review

September 1, 2000

The album I thought they’d never make: Not self-righteous, not self-glorifying, not watered-down, but the successor to Agnostic Front’s classic One Voice.

Punk-O-Rama – 5 – Review

September 1, 2000

A lotta punk inspires me to smash jewel cases, not the state, so when I wanna relisten to/go-get-the-latest by some of these bands, that says a lot.

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