Moonspell – Night Eternal – Review

March 1, 2008

Less brooding and more roar this time around. Fernando tends to croon for an album or two, then shed the frilly shirt for battle armor and roar his balls off.

Moonspell – Memorial – Review

August 18, 2006

The songs hover mostly mid-tempo, no Dimmu Borgirian racing, no “Gothic power ballads” so you can wave your lighter in the air, trying to set God on fire.

Moonspell – The Antidote – Review

March 1, 2004

A record of high relief, offering crunching, sinister chords jarred by modern gloomy passages that recall the Paradise Lost albums of recent years.

Beauty in Darkness Vol. 3 – Review

September 1, 1999

Part black metal, part Goth rock/metal, all excitingly scary and sexy. For anyone into darkwave, Goth, or whatever else they’re calling it, ya gotta get this.

Call on the Dark – 2 – Review

April 1, 1999

While I prefer NB’s Beauty in Darkness2 and CM’s FireStarter to this, fans of dancier and/or less metal-tinged darkness will simply die for Call on the Dark2.

Identity Four – Review

November 1, 1998

If you’re into heavy music and have never heard of Century Media, you aren’t very into heavy music.

Moonspell – Sin/Pecado – Review

April 1, 1998

A deep baritone with an old-world romantic accent atop dreamy synths, heavily-echoed acoustics, or dramatic powerchords that has a tendency to strut its stuff.

Moonspell – Irreligious – Review

September 1, 1996

With their second album, Irreligious, Moonspell once again embellish Gothic, eclectic metal with class. The eleven-song opus of grandeur isn’t easily grasped.