Neurosis & Jarboe – Review

March 1, 2004

Jarboe sings atop and within the continual whir and throb with a clean and pure (although varying) tone of death and redemption.

Contaminated 5.0 – Review

July 2, 2003

Death, technical, sludge-y, grinding, stoner, and occasionally “weird.” The best are death metal gods. Some decent stuff with horrible crap in between.

Relapse Sampler – Review

September 1, 1999

With a roster like Neurosis, Soilent Green, Nile, Incantation, Amorphis, Today Is The Day, and Dillinger Escape Plan, how can Relapse be anything but quality?

Neurosis – Times of Grace – Review

June 1, 1999

The delicate moments provide a welcome, tranquil contrast to Neurosis’ signature, bone-crushing guitar and drum-riddled tunes. Steve Albini at the helm.

Ozzfest Live – Review

July 1, 1997

Half legendary heavy bands on major labels and half up-and-coming extreme bands, this release has a bit o’ something for everyone.

Neurosis – at Mama Kin – Review

November 1, 1995

Warzone percussion and lower-register instrumentation. Synth-squeal noise and over-stressed vocal chords. Iconographic images projected onstage.