Warped Tour 2003 – Review

October 15, 2003

Everyone should stop worrying about “corporate music” ruining punk. When it’s no longer profitable to produce, they’ll stop signing.

Secret Weapons of Kung Fu – Review

April 18, 2003

a DVD sampler of a variety of videos by bands on Kung Fu: Audio Karate, The Ataris, No Use For A Name, Ozma, The Vandals, Antifreeze, Assorted Jelly Beans, Mi6, and Useless I.D..

Punk Rock is Your Friend – Review

November 11, 2002

Offers two tracks apiece from each band, one hit and one shit (in most cases, there’s a reason why it’s unreleased), but it surely sounded like a good idea.

TV Sucks – Review

June 4, 2001

This novelty comp is all TV theme songs. But it’s mostly German. But it’s punkpop: It’s fun and silly, and “Pipi Langstrumpf” is head-bobbing in any language.

World Warped III Live – Review

September 1, 2000

They finally made the Warped comps a documentation of the live music instead of just a collection of the artists’ already pre-existing album tracks.

Serial Killer Comp. – Review

September 1, 1999

With a sexy cover and a collection of 28 punkpop/powerpop/balls-out rock’n’roll faves and newbies totaling over 70 minutes – How can you resist?

Return of the Read Menace – Review

September 1, 1999

Honest Don’s teams up with AK Press for this 25-track, 75 minute CD of punk, rock (emo, indie, and singer/songwriter), and good, free-thinking sentiments.

Music to Kill For – Review

April 1, 1999

Punkabilly, punkpop, ska, and power pop make up the history of Side One Dummy. Music to Kill For, their ninth release, is a retrospective.

Before You Were Punk – Review

June 1, 1997

Before You Were Punk coulda been another collection of the same hotshot punk bands covering silly songs from a decade many wish we could deny we were a part of.

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