Lefay – SOS – Review

June 1, 2000

Lefay continue to hone and perfect their rhythm-heavy take on power metal, forsooth really delivering the stomping power where others do not.

Substance D – Addictions – Review

January 1, 2000

A concept album documenting lead shoutster Todd Chaisson (ex-Tuff!) and his battles with drug addiction. In the vein of Chemlab and labelmates Pissing Razors.

Lefay- The Seventh Seal – Review

January 1, 2000

After three years away, half the band gone, a new name and a new label, (Morgana) Lefay can rightfully assume the throne alongside Nevermore.

Face of Anger – Faceless – Review

January 1, 2000

While this record unquestionably sounds good and has some cool-sounding guitar riffs, there isn’t really anything here that sticks after a couple of listens.

Iron Savior – Unification – Review

September 1, 1999

Kai Hansen and Pete Sielck together again: Peppy, intricate, sing-alongable power/classic heavy metal songs. Revel in immaculate German engineering.

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