Mastodon detail new album – News

June 6, 2014

Heavy rock icons Mastodon announce details about their upcoming new album, Once More ‘Round The Sun, and will be released by Reprise Records on June 24th.

Bloodsimple – Red Harvest – Review

September 1, 2007

A couple members from NY’s Vision of Disorder and a brother of a guy in Mastodon. Their second full-length, if I can read passed all the hype in the bio.

Disturbed – Believe – Review

January 31, 2003

One of The Big (insert low number here) of the second wave of nü metal, Disturbed return after two years of gigging with another record of punchy chop metal.

Morcheeba – Charango – Review

January 17, 2003

Passed the jazzy, mellow, feel-good slackerdom of “Slow Down” and “Otherwise” you get an album-killer called “Women Lose Weight” featuring Slick Rick.

Green Day – Warning – Reviews

April 1, 2001

Aside from the jumpy punkpop and acoustic touching Top 40 ballads, there’s a vulnerability and sadness and dark underbelly to the chipper, jangly threesome.

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