Suburban Voice – #38 – Review

May 1, 1996

One of the forerunners of punk ‘zines. The writing gets right to the point. There are no pretensions here. The coverage is open, non-judgmental.

Taxi Driver – Review

April 1, 1996

For the last twenty years, Taxi Driver has stood on its own in some dark corner, beckoning for another film to stand up to it. It’s still waiting.

Desperado – Review

March 1, 1996

Antonio Banderas shines as a sweaty, 6 Ft., 200 lb. Spanish diesel who pumps lead into Mexican outlaws and romances a scrumptious señiorita.

Broken Arrow – Review

March 1, 1996

Broken Arrow is fun to watch – it’s a blam-blam action flick with a loose story tied to its hamstring, but offers no big symbolism or apologies.