The Further Adventures of the Joker – Review

The Further Adventures of the Joker

(Bantam Books, 1990)
by Bob Butnam

Do not be fooled by the cover. Batman’s cackling clown is surely to be taken a bit more seriously after reading these psychotically crafted, criminal exploits. Twenty-three authors went into making the Joker the most disgusting, vile, dark and insane creature ever to be described by the written word. The character is taken way beyond his pathetic comic book legacy into a new realm of evil and madness. Knowing that the Joker is mortal gives him that realistic side, leaving the thoughts in your head that someone (?) could actually be this SICK. There are twenty stories in all, (and a couple I think even Stephen King would lose his appetite on) and all worth reading. One last thing, people who READ comics are just as literate as you.