The Keepers – Review

The Keepers

by Bob Butman

This month’s underground book comes to us from Blue Knight Productions and is entitled The Keepers. Written and drawn by Phillip Owen this story is mainly based in Northampton, MA. (very cool place more free than Harvard Square). Gives us a couple of heroes that draw on there heritage. One being from Indian descent (Miles Murhawk) and the other from Celtic origin (Kie MacCleedy). The Keepers are a Brotherhood that vow to protect the masses. Following an all out onslaught against the Keepers only Miles and Kie survive. Now there lives are in disare’ battling the ones responsable Lord Sheyott, Knight, and there minions.

Phill’s progress from issue one to issue two, is night and day. Much like our first two. His growth is inspiring and allows the reader to appreciate in the books maturation, giving you the escape you need from all of the over-hyped, over-produced, and over-priced books that were usually forced fed. Keepers is distributed through Daimond, so if you don’t see it on the shelf make gestures of bodily harm to the owner until you do.