Pitch Shifter – The Remix War – Review

Pitch Shifter

The Remix War (Earache)
by Paul Lee

It’s easy to feel let down by the lack of creativity and excitement of the English rock scene. But if you hanker for the twisted and grinding facets of Brit rock, then take a look at Nottingham, England’s masters of noise, Pitch Shifter. They’ve been putting out insanely pissed and technically frightening stuff on Earache since the mini LP Submit in 1992. Following their brilliant Desensitized in 1994, which whipped some heads around, Pitch Shifter have put out The Remix War, full of remixes that will destroy the trendy, pussy dance dorks in clubland.

Coming from the same scene as labelmates and maniacs extraordinaire, Fudge Tunnel, Pitch Shifter make their message heard in their own enraged way. Fucked-up sound bites and programming enhances their near-death metal roar in an unsettling way. J.S. Clayden lets loose a vocal frenzy that surpasses the rage of Pantera’s Phil Anselmo. Jon Carter is the maniacal genius behind the flesh-and-bone-shearing guitar work and programming, while Mark Clayden lays down the bombastic bass and D does his best to pound us into submission. To call Pitch Shifter industrial would underestimate their furied sound. They’re more like dance music that causes your body to be destroyed by the sheer brutality of rhythm and violent sound.

The Remix War is a collection of remixes from Desensitized done by members of Biohazard, Therapy?, and Gunshot as well as PS themselves. The styles range from deadly danceable thrash/house mixes to some hip-hop rhythms. It’s a mini-LP that stretches Pitch Shifter’s sound to its absolute edge. If PS wasn’t already crazed and exciting enough, they’ve gone to even higher heights. Be prepared for more madness to come from these modernistic mavens of metallic mayhem. There’s no melody, fun or nicety about them. Brutality is their approach and they do it well. Bow to the might of the fearsome Pitch Shifter!!!