The Long Secret – Review

The Long Secret

by Tiffany Kearin

For those who would dig the cuddle-core scene if it wasn’t so damn loud, Harriet Records offers a 17-song compilation, The Long Secret. The company and its collection draw their names from Louise Fitzhugh’s two novels about “the world’s most famous sixth-grade spy,” Harriet M. Welsch.

As one would expect, you’ve got plenty of girls with guitars churning out precious insights and reflections to an accompaniment that draws from folk’s melodic quality and punk’s DIY style and endearingly sloppy production.

Some highlights include the Virgins crunchy punk number with mystical overtones entitled “My Three Sons.” Twig, kiss us with the utterly hummable “Lilac Ride.” The sense of humor becomes tangible with Seattle’s Tully Craft, who indie name-drop to an infectious bass line and jumprope-rhythm in “Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend’s Too Stupid To Know About.” Six Cents and Natalie free-associate about romance and sewing in “Sewing Bee.” The guy who vocalizes in a style reminiscent of Cat Stevens should be shot for obvious reasons. Also, please inform High Risk Group that country and Goth DO NOT belong together.

The liner notes are practically worth the price of the CD. Professor Tim Alborn illustrates how indie rock and children’s books are very similar, a simile most people don’t see.